Startup companies in the Middle East, Central Asia and China are developing innovative solutions to local problems and global challenges. Silicon Roads is a platform mapping the modern face of enterprise in the region where global connectivity was born, collaborating with entrepreneurs from Italy to China to connect ideas, experiences and insights.

Silicon Roads was established in 2016 by Benedict Altier with the tentative goal of producing a documentary about the incredible entrepreneurs building companies in the regions along the historic Silk Roads.

Since then, Silicon Roads has joined the Octocol.com group but retains its goal of connecting innovators across regions and helping them to launch tools, products and companies. Drawing on technology and resources from Octocol, we have shifted our focus to bringing together international entrepreneurs in areas ranging from blockchain to productivity and support them in building companies and tools.

Recent collaborations and projects have included:

  • Spaceable Inc in Beijing which was accepted in the AngelHack accelerator in 2018.
  • BlockWork which was an experimental micro-task platform on the EOS blockchain in Hong Kong.
  • Events and research on the Greater Bay Area.

Our goal is to connect entrepreneurs, support events and dialogue, and to bring the expertise of the world together to solve difficult problems.

If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to one of the team.